Dear Anxiety

You’ve been a vital part of me for the thirteen years of my life,

You made me experience sadness, sorrow, strain and strife.

You refrained from pulling me up when down, pushed me down when I was happy,

Accidentally making me realize I was silly when I was soft and sappy.

I don’t want you to control my life, for I want a life of my own,

One nobody other than me could control, one I could call mine, alone.

There’s no point in trying to seize my mind for I am not gonna give in,

Finally, this is a battle against you that I know I’m going to win.

I know it’s pointless acting happy when you know that things aren’t fine,

But it’s also pointless trying to control something which isn’t yours but mine.

So dear old friend, please understand, it’s time for you to depart,

Leave me alone, and go away, there’s no place for you in my heart.

Harry Potter Poetry – sorting hat song

I have seen many bright wizards in generations that have passed by,

I have seen wizards and witches mounting brooms, and have seen them fly.

I have seen the four greatest wizards: the undefeatable four,

Considering the joy I’ve had, nothing can excite you more.


Four different houses, four different stories,

Four different treasures, four different personalities.

Whether daring Gryffindor or flawless Ravenclaw,

Or the resourceful Hufflepuffs who’ve never broken the law.


The pure-bloods will make their way right in,

For the most cunning of all are prized by Slytherin.

With the precious locket of Mister Salazar,

The Slytherins have won house-cups and raised the bar.


Red undoubtedly is Gryffindor,

With its skillful warriors born for war.

Named after the master of bravery,

Who taught them to rule out slavery.


With the Hufflepuffs never far behind,

For kind and loyal people are hard to find.

With their fair ways and resourceful skills,

They work hard to overcome every hill.


Ravenclaws with their wit beyond measure,

Can work intelligently even under pressure.

Shining like the diadem of their master,

No wizards’ brain is said to have worked faster.


The Sorting Hat will make its choice,

Today, tonight, your house’ll have another voice.

Put me on and I’ll tell you what you are from within,

Young witches and wizards, let the sorting now begin.




Verses From History – Part II

At the turn of the 16th century, in India started a tale,

When infighting in Delhi, started leaving a sad trail.

Not for the first time in India had war broken out,

People were running and scurrying around, knowing not what about.


Did this mean the end of the Sultanate, and a new dynasty into power?

Those days when Ibrahim Lodi was fighting, the kingdom began to fall over,

The dynasty which once stood tall and proud, like a mighty tower,

Now a weakling when invaded, having lost its courage and power.


All the people were wondering, which empire could this be,

And how did they even come here, was it through the sea?

All their questions were answered when Babur became king,

The Mughal empire was established and people started settling.


A renowned king he was, but ruled for just four years,

But Humayun came along, so not for long did people shed tears.

For ten years lasted his tenure, before Sher Khan invaded,

For fifteen years thence, the Mughal empire faded.


But the brave Humayun had to do something,

He defeated Sher Khan’s descendants, again becoming king.

His reign lasted another year, when a young Akbar came to the throne,

He ruled with his regent Bairam Khan until he had fully grown.


Akbar was a great emperor, conquering most of this land,

And espoused his policy that all religions must go hand-in-hand.

During his tenure, people enjoyed harmony and peace too,

He ruled for half a century but oh how that time flew!



We don’t live forever, and time keeps going by,

There came a time when even Akbar had to die.

As Jahangir began his rule, all the troubles started,

So much sorrow, leaving all broken-hearted.


Unable to rule the kingdom well, not one felt inspired,

Being poor at administration, by none was he admired.

When his rule ended not one would have shed a tear,

In fact, they were all elated, fully free of fear!


Then his son Shah Jahan, ascended the throne to be the ruler,

And was a prolific builder, but not that good a scholar.

He built the Taj Mahal, a wonder of the world for his wife,

Someone to whom he stayed devoted throughout his life.


As his life drew to a close, he stayed imprisoned all alone,

By his son Aurangzeb, who sat merrily on the throne.

Aurangzeb was known to be a cruel and resolute king,

Was this all he learned from his father’s upbringing?


But after his death, the empire started collapsing,

Of the Mughal Empire, he was the last of the strong kings.

Until the British came and conquered all and sundry,

Taking over India, bit by bit completely!


Was this what changed completely, the history of this land,

Or was this what made this country lesser and lesser grand?

Well that, my dear friends, is yet another tale,

But stay calm until then, waiting for this nightingale!


Verses from History – Part I

As the tale of Ghori drew to a close in AD 1206,

The empire started to decline, unlike a house of bricks.

But Qutbuddin Aibak, his general didn’t let it fall,

He established the Sultanate, one of the mightiest dynasties of all.


Aibak wasn’t of royal blood so all this caused some strife,

After ascending the throne therefore, he didn’t live a long life.

But quite generous he was, Lakh Baksh was the title he earned,

He started building Qutb Minar but finishing it was what he yearned.


He was very clever, using marriages to strengthen his position,

To douse all riots against him and banish people’s inquisition.

On his death, amidst great opposition, Iltutmish took over the throne,

He defeated Yaldoz and Qabacha single-handedly, alone!


Consolidating his empire was what he was trying to do,

But with oppression from Mongols who stuck to India, like glue.

Continuing their attacks, they finally gained some control,

Trying repeatedly but failing to bring into being the empire of Mongol.


Shamsuddin was the title he earned, challenges he faced many,

But situations where he was close to giving up, there were hardly any.

Razia, his daughter succeeded him in 1236 AD,

The first and last woman to rule Delhi, remember, a lady!


She faced abundance of criticism, for she was a woman,

What is wrong if women rule, is it a bad omen?

Few years later, Nasiruddin, her brother was put on the throne,

But the real power lay with Ghiasuddin Balban – cold as stone.


Said to be a stern man, ruthless, always ruled with ‘iron and blood’

Could handle any situation, even if of Mongols there was an overflood.

His death marked the end of the dynasty, Khiljis began to rule,

Of the Khilji dynasty, Jalaluddin wasn’t a powerful tool.


He was a benevolent ruler, but his administration criticized as weak,

As he was very old by then black hair possibly not even a streak.

By Alauddin, his nephew, he was treacherously put to death,

Alauddin didn’t let the poor man enjoy until his last breath.


But he was considered one of the best Sultans and quite ambitious too,

To prevent conspiracies among nobles, oh the secret ideas he’d brew!

Killed by Ghiasuddin Tughlaq, oh that served him right,

As he wouldn’t let anyone enjoy, would always start a fight.


Ghiasuddin died very soon, Mohammad bin Tughlaq began his rule,

You couldn’t say he was a complete genius, you couldn’t call him a fool.

A confused genius was what he was, had good intentions and plans,

But people weren’t in awe of him, he had not many fans.


His cousin Firoz Shah Tughlaq then ascended the throne,

But with boundless conflicts being not the most well-known.

Then during the rule of the last Tughlaq, Timur started invading,

Then soon the Sultanate and its reputation together started fading.


After this, the Sayyids and Lodis quite soon caught hold,

Sikandar Lodi ruled to his fullest, he was quite bold.

After him too, there was a monarch, but I won’t tell you who,

SELRES_fec1ff22-751e-4501-9541-2a72fa40b5a1SELRES_243c537e-cdad-445a-a198-91e15da551f9You will get to know soon enough, in verses from history, part two.SELRES_243c537e-cdad-445a-a198-91e15da551f9SELRES_fec1ff22-751e-4501-9541-2a72fa40b5a1